In 1942 the newly constructed Red Brick began as the home to Aspen's elementary, middle and high schools.  As the number of students grew, the school district created a larger campus on Maroon Creek Road.  By 1991 the school district had consolidated all classrooms to the Maroon Creek campus, and put the Red Brick up for sale.  An organization knows as the Aspen Snowmass Council for the Arts, had the extraordinary vision and drive to petition for the City of Aspen to purchase the former schoolhouse and make it a home for the arts.  By a slim margin of votes, citizens of Aspen in the August of 1992 election, agreed for the City to purchase the building with the stated intent of providing a long-term home for the arts, nonprofit organizations and other community uses.

The City of Aspen upholds the intent of the Red Brick Center for the Arts to be a vibrant community center by offering affordable rent to nonprofits and artists and creating venues and offerings for artistic engagement.  The City of Aspen is committed to the Red Brick thriving as a shared space dedicated to enriching lives and the community.  

There are no community events or activities scheduled at City of Aspen within the next 90 days. Please contact us at 9703090738 if you'd like to learn more about the activities we offer.