A Spiritual Home for Everyone

 The Aspen Chapel is a spiritual center for people seeking an inclusive spiritual practice.
We welcome everyone through our doors, providing a safe, respectful place where the values of caring and compassion thrive.
We seek to connect people to their individual spiritual lives, to each other and to a broader community through our in-house programs and live streaming and digital media. 
We value dialogue, learning and spiritual practice.  We promote moral care and concern for the world around us.
We offer many ways for you and your family to get involved.  We invite you to attend our welcoming, music-filled and thoughtful Sunday Service at 9:30 am, speaker programs, Developing Consciousness course, youth education programs, meditation and yoga classes, and to participant in our vibrant art & music community.
The Aspen Chapel invites you to come participate with our community on a path toward spiritual growth and consciousness and to connect, to grow, and to become a part of something bigger.  

Come explore with us!

There are no community events or activities scheduled at Aspen Chapel within the next 90 days. Please contact us at 970-925-7184 or visit our website if you'd like to learn more about the activities we offer.